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Power (W)

700 to 120,000

Height (cm)

3.2 to 51.1

Length (cm)

3.6 to 100.8

Width (cm)

3.7 to 67.8

Inverter Type

Business Activity

Battery Cell Type

Battery Type

Battery Capacity Extension

Compatible Inverter

Battery Total Nominal Energy

Battery Usable Energy (KWh)

3.27 to 16.35

Battery Storage Sub-Category


E-Mobility Sub-Category

E-Mobility Cable Type

Maximum Power

Performance Warranty (years)

Product Warranty (years)


GoodWe provides complete and integrated solutions to fulfill customer expectations for clean and affordable power. The portfolio includes high-quality solar inverters, well-engineered low-voltage and high-voltage batteries, smart monitoring systems & accessories, as well as PV building materials for green and sustainable energy. Solar inverters with an extensive range are available to suit virtually all applications in the solar market, from ultra-small 0.7kW residential inverters, to a massive 250kW utility-scale inverter, plus several models designed specifically for the unique North American market. Boasting unique and competitive features, GoodWe solar products have been largely used in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors across the world.

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