Power (W)

360 to 100,000

Module Cell Type

Solar Cells (Quantity)

Module Backsheet Color

Module Frame Color

Connector Type

Height (cm)

0 to 85.3

Length (cm)

0 to 175.5

Width (cm)

0 to 103.8

Inverter Type

Performance Warranty (years)

Product Warranty (years)



The Israeli SolarEdge company has made an international name for itself with innovative power electronics at the module level. The DC-coupled StorEdge™ storage solution allows homeowners to use self-generated solar power independently of the time of generation, maximising own consumption. A common interface for photovoltaic systems and battery management is used alongside the standard SolarEdge inverter and a meter. The key feature: Every existing SolarEdge photovoltaic inverter that was produced after 2013 can easily be integrated into the StorEdge™ system.

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