Power (W)

2,000 to 100,000

Height (cm)

0 to 85.3

Length (cm)

0 to 117.9

Width (cm)

1.15 to 79

Inverter Type

Battery Cell Type

Battery Type

Battery Capacity Extension

Battery Total Nominal Energy

Product Warranty (years)

End of Stock


The Israeli SolarEdge company has made an international name for itself with innovative power electronics at the module level. The DC-coupled StorEdge™ storage solution allows homeowners to use self-generated solar power independently of the time of generation, maximising own consumption. A common interface for photovoltaic systems and battery management is used alongside the standard SolarEdge inverter and a meter. The key feature: Every existing SolarEdge photovoltaic inverter that was produced after 2013 can easily be integrated into the StorEdge™ system.

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