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Power (W)

2,000 to 115,000

Height (cm)

3.3 to 257

Length (cm)

2.8 to 257

Width (cm)

3.6 to 120

Inverter Type

Business Activity

Battery Cell Type

Battery Type

Battery Capacity Extension

Compatible Inverter

Battery Usable Energy (KWh)

5 to 193.5


E-Mobility Sub-Category

E-Mobility Cable Type

Maximum Power

Performance Warranty (years)

Product Warranty (years)


Huawei is the world's leading provider of information technology and telecommunication solutions. For over 8 years, the company has also been active in the field of solar inverters and is the only manufacturer to offer fault detection technology on the DC side as a standard feature. In this way, typical faults in the module (glass breakage, cell breakage, etc.) or the cabling can be reliably determined. The quality manufacturer is active in more than 170 countries and is now the number one in terms of sales and delivered capacity.

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