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Power (W)

1,500 to 110,000

Cable Length (mm)

7,500 to 10,000

Height (cm)

0 to 150

Length (cm)

0 to 200.8

Width (cm)

0 to 99

Inverter Type

Business Activity

Battery Cell Type

Battery Type

Battery Capacity Extension

Compatible Inverter

Battery Total Nominal Energy

Battery Usable Energy (KWh)

3.28 to 56

Battery Storage Sub-Category


E-Mobility Sub-Category

E-Mobility Cable Type

Maximum Power

Product Warranty (years)


As a market leader in the solar inverter field, and Global Partner of BayWa r.e., SMA has developed devices for every requirement for over 30 years. No matter whether for smaller photovoltaic systems or large solar power plants, SMA inverters are optimally matched to different requirements and guarantee maximum yields.

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